I.C.S. IMPIANTI S.R.L. was born from the Lambri family’s multi-years of experience in the field of mechanical, electrical and instrumental systems. Its foundation is due to Salvatore Lambri (meant Enzo), who in the seventies embarked on a career in plant engineering, with mechanical processing on behalf of third parties to appear on the national and foreign scene with a capillary design network. There are many construction works, electrical and mechanical systems in steel mills, turbogas power plants and incinerators, the company has been able to manage over three hundred work units used in construction sites around the world.

The company’s expertise, the quality of services and activities in the aeronautical automation sectors at national and international level has generated constant growth and recognition of the company in the sector. Salvatore Lambri has been able to transmit passion and expertise to his son Daniele who took over the family business in 2015 and began the production activity effectively by introducing modernization in electrical and electro-instrumental systems and industrial mechanics.

Know-how and experience in MEP services in both the civil and industrial fields have been supported starting from 2018 for specific interventions in the field of renewables. Equipped with ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 certifications, the company aims at constant growth and acts as a reliable partner of reference for its customers by fully taking care of the construction of the plants involved from prototyping to production and delivery.


The I.C.S. IMPIANTI is a well-organized and a constant growing reality. The Company, in which mission is the Customer Satisfaction, invests time and resources in activities of formation/information, of technical/informative updates, on the basis of quality, on the renewal and innovation of the equipment.

The security of its employees and the respect of the environment are fundamental elements and essential to the I.C.S. IMPIANTI, always looking forward to improve in their reference sector of work.


  • Meet required requirements from clients necessary to comply with the services, including those applicable mandatory;
  • Improve the efficiency of the management system;
  • Lower costs, in terms of eliminating the internal non conformities of those induced by external providers;
  • Empower Individually the resources, giving value to the work being done by the responsibles and by the collaborators;
  • Continuously monitor the resource consume to finally minimize it.
    To choose its own providers, so they assure the respect for ethical principles;
  • Guarantee the protection of rights, the health and security of the workers.


Within the company the various competences are divided in different roles. The organigram in a functional role guarantees an ordered and clear partition of the duties, making unequivocal responsibility and autonomy at every level. The society today counts, thirty employees, which to the basis of various work commissions, we add specialized and not specialized workers. In the past the company has dealt with more than three hundred employees on the construction sites.