Our works

During the years we have collaborated to the realization of various works of which:

  • Electro-instrumental assembling and tracing on SKID oil/gas and assembling of a recovery steam generator and SCR system for the abatement of the c/o pollutants and the HERACCPP80MW plants of Imola ( Macchi,div.Sofinter)
  • Assembling of electro-instrumental steel plant RIVA for ALSTOM POWER
  • Electric plants and revision of smoke cabin, RIVA steel plant
  • Assembling electro-instrumental plant refinery Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi
  • Realization of electro-instrumental plant FIS Termoli
  • Electro-instrumental realization for the 3v Green Eagle plant, Mestre (VE).
  • Assembling electro-instrumental plants in the steel mill Tenaris Dalmine.
  • Revamping electro-instrumentals on board of the Saipem ship S12000 Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
  • Revamping electro-instrumentals on the Saipem S7000 platform at the port in Rotterdam
  • Ordinary maintenance of electrical and instrumental plants of hydrocarbon storage at the SpA Tamoil refinery in Cremona (CR)
  • Activities of tightening leverism and MT switchboard insulators and AT switches at a service plant for the refining of petroleum at the API Refinery at Falconara Marittima (AN)
  • Realization of electrical and illumination plants and FM for industrial sheds in EX CASITALIA
  • Maintenance of metalworking equipment and internal industrial plants at the cement factory Buzzi Unicem SpA in Augusta
  • Interventions on opening and penetrating and closing again, for the passage of new cables to lay out. Completion of the activities of installation on the cable passage ways and installing of the new sealing modules (Roxtec) on board of the M/V Victory in navigation
  • Activities of duct laying and electrical cables serving the line of production of milk enzymes for Sanofi SpA in Origgio (VA)

Recently we have participated in different jobs on an international field of which: the realization of the Metro Rail Project Doha in Qatar, at the side of TCS JVS on behalf of the MHI ( Mitsubishi Heavy Industries); Realization of electro- instrumental revamping for the refinery of Paramaribo in Suriname, carrying out works of low and medium voltage and electro-instrumental interventions with the IREM GROUP SpA.

Metro Rail Project Doha Qatar

Metro Rail Project Doha Qatar

M-V Carnival Victory

M-V Carnival Victory

Skid Oil & Gas Macchi div. Sofintar

Skid Oil & Gas Macchi div. Sofintar

Impianto 3V Green Eagle Venezia

3V Green Eagle Plants, Venice (Mestre)

Raffineria Enrico Mattei di Sannazzaro de burgundi

Enrico Mattei di Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi Rifinery

Stabilimento GNL Italia di Panigaglia La Spezia

GNL Italia di Panigaglia plant, La Spezia

Cementeria Buzzi Unicem Spa Augusta

Buzzi Unicem Spa cement plant, Augusta


Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V.


Arvedi SpA Factory N 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 zone ex Casitalia Cremona

Moduli Canada BH

Moudli Canada - Impes Service S.P.A. - Baker Hughes Massa Carrara


ABS (Bertoli Safau Steel Plant Spa) Udine

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